Who Can Edit My Thesis in a Few Minutes?

Why Do I Need Someone to Edit My Thesis?

edit-my-thesisAcademic writing becomes more rigorous as you progress through your education, while you may lose a few grades and have your essay returned covered in red pen marks in high school, your thesis or dissertation will be returned to you without explanation if there are errors. You will be asked to make revisions to ensure that your work is completely free or any errors of spelling and grammar as well as being completely readable. Submitting your paper is like submitting a book for publication; the publisher expects it to be free of problems, and must read perfectly ready to put into the library. This is why you must get your work carefully edited before submission.

Why Not Edit My Dissertation Myself?

We have all read through writing and missed errors that our tutors have then picked out with a simple read through. We are often blind to the errors that we make ourselves as we tend to read what we wanted to write rather than what is actually there on the paper. We also can rarely look at our work objectively and see better ways of writing it. If we really want to improve our writing then we need to use dissertation help that will provide a third party review of what we have written.

Where Can You Find a Good Editing or Proofreading Service?

Online there are many different websites that offer thesis editing and paper proofreading. Some even offer free services. But like anything in life you will get what you pay for. Free services will be provided through simple software that may be a little better than what you have on your computer but still cannot spot every mistake in your writing. Software also will not be able to tell you how to better word your thesis or how to make it flow and read more effectively. Effective editing needs a person that can actually understand the work being reviewed.

Many other services however will use a person; but one that is neither qualified or experienced in editing in your subject area. These services hire the cheapest freelancers that they can find rather than searching for someone that can actually do the job.

What Do You Need From a Good Online Service to “Edit My Paper”?

Selecting an online service should be done with great care to ensure that you always select one that is going to provide you with the standard and quality of editing that you are looking for. Cheap should never be your main criteria when you think about how long you have spent working on your thesis and the implications of it being returned for revisions. Look at the advantages that the service offers.

Does it offer:

  • Confidential help? Or will they share your details and your work?
  • How quickly can they do your work?
  • On time delivery guarantees? You have a deadline to meet.
  • Will work be unique or will they just swap sections of your work for plagiarized text?
  • Will work be error free? Will they proofread what they have edited or written?
  • What happens if you are not happy with what they provide? Will they continue to make revisions until you are happy?
  • Are they easy to contact and can you talk with the editor and check progress?

What about the actual editors? Check what they offer in the way of staff.

edit my thesis

Your editor must be:

  • Highly qualified in the field of your research so that they understand it
  • Fully certified as an editor
  • Very experienced in editing and your subject area
  • Must fully understand all aspects of academic writing and formatting
  • Must have excellent English skills

If the service cannot satisfy you on all of the above points then you should move onto the next service. You should also ensure that the service for editing will also provide you with a full money back guarantee should you not be happy with their service.

Our Editing Services Will Fully Satisfy Your Needs

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