The Features of Your Master Thesis Structure

master thesis structure
You might be wondering what the differences between a bachelor’s and a master’s thesis, and this is a common concern you will find online. In today’s post, you will learn the major differences between the two so that you can tailor your paper depending on these features according to the paper you are writing.

To a large extent, both of the bachelor and master thesis structure must satisfy certain criteria, and that students do work based on the specific instructions of their professors. Check out the following thesis help tips for some of the major differences between them.

Thesis Bachelor and Thesis Master: Some Differences


Bachelor theses for Business and Economics must be able to display you knowledge about business and economics. In this case, you may work on Fiscal Economics, which can show your knowledge about tax systems and tax legislations. In this case, you must be able to show and reflect about the most important aspects of such field of study.

Master thesis, on the other hand, should demonstrate your knowledge on a specialist subject within your field of study. In this case, you should go further by demonstrating your deeper knowledge in your study.

  • Bachelor: Fiscal Economics: Tax Systems and Tax Legislations, the Latest
  • Master Thesis: Driving Factors in Tax Systems and Tax Legislations Explained


  • If you are a bachelor student, you must be able to explain and analyze the problems and phenomena in business economic and government through scientific concepts, research methods and theories. So for a topic in Fiscal Economics, you can specify problems and phenomena in this field of study.
  • On the other hand, master thesis must be able to explain and analyze complex economic phenomena and problems systematically, while they are able to explain different perspectives in their papers.

When it comes to research skills:

  • Bachelors are able to make a question and an objective or a set of objectives, which are based on theories and concepts; they are also able to choose research techniques and research methods and review a literature study. They can also draw conclusions according to their results, which also reflect scientific, social or relevant issues.
  • Thesis master students are able to create a main question according to the current societal and scientific developments. The question must be one that has not been answered in past studies. Therefore, they can approach such with a new perspective. They are also able to use the latest research techniques and have a critical eye for details. They can also show reflection of their research with a critical eye. Such students that do master thesis can also make realistic recommendations and insights based on scientific and social values and standards.

Both of them still need to perform proper thesis review.


  • For example, bachelor students can do their research with assistance from their lecturer, and so they can adjust their conduct when needed.
  • For instance, master thesis students can work independently and they can do independent participation during scientific discussions.

Without even saying, a master thesis structure displays the students’ independent way of conducting their research, using the latest techniques and participating in discussions. Nevertheless, master students have deeper understanding of their topic since they already have experienced writing a thesis in their bachelor years.

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