How to Write a PhD Thesis Abstract

Just What Is a PhD Thesis Abstract?

PhD thesis abstractThe PhD thesis abstract is a summary of your entire thesis and should cover every element of your work including your actual findings. It is not an introduction or a teaser that is designed to get someone to read but a single page or less that will enable someone to get a good idea of what your thesis is about and what you have discovered. Placed at the start of your thesis your PhD thesis abstract will set the expectations for the reader concerning your research.

How to Structure Your Masters Thesis Abstract

Your PhD thesis abstract length is just a single page or less, you should check however against the examining bodies requirements as there are some variations. A master’s thesis abstract will likely only be a half page. Make sure that you keep within the specified word count and maintain the specific format for your thesis. Writing thesis abstract pages is far from simple as you are going to try to condense a huge document and months of research into just a few words. Your thesis abstract should cover;

  • Introduce your research question(s) so that the reader can be clear as to what you are researching and its importance
  • Summarize each main chapter of your thesis using just a sentence or three; cover the main facts from each
  • Tell the reader what you discovered, what were the results
  • Provide an interpretation of the results

Is It Possible to Get Help with Your Thesis Abstract?

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