FAQs on How to Edit a Thesis

Why do I need to know how to edit thesis papers?

A thesis is expected to be of a writing standard that is completely free of errors and in the correct format and writing style. Anything less than this expectation and your thesis could well be rejected or returned to you for revisions. Therefore it is vital that you do your paper proofreading and editing prior to submission to prevent your graduation being delayed.

Do you know how to edit a dissertation in mathematics?

Yes; we have more than 200 experts working for us that are qualified in a variety of different fields ensuring that no matter what field your research is in we can find you a relevantly qualified member of our staff. Our experts only work within the areas in which they hold qualifications and have experience ensuring that you always get expert level support no matter what the subject.

Do you use software as part of your proofreading service?

While software is a good starting point for any proofreading service to highlight and eliminate any obvious errors it will never be as good as a person. The reason for this is that your computer cannot actually read and understand what you have written. So it cannot tell when you have used words out of context or if you could have said something in a simpler or more understandable way. So if you want something edited or proofread you must use a qualified individual just as we do.

Are your staff qualified to provide dissertation help?

Yes; we offer our dissertation proofreading services through some of the very best qualified staff that you will find online. We know that the quality of our services relies very much on the skills of our proofreaders so you will always work with one that is:

  • Formally qualified as a proofreader or an editor
  • Has many years or experience working in your field of research
  • Is higher degree qualified in a subject relevant to your thesis to ensure they understand it
  • Fully understands all academic requirements for formatting and referencing
  • Is able to talk and write in fluent English

What happens if I don’t think that your staff have done a thorough job?

We always work with our clients to ensure that you will always be fully satisfied with the results that we provide you. Once work has been completed you will always be provided with a marked up draft for you to review. This ensures that you maintain full control over the changes that are made to your document. While some changes are obvious some may be more subjective. Should you however feel that additional work is required our staff will always continue to work with you until you are fully satisfied with the results of our proofreading services.

Are your results guaranteed?

We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the results of our proofreading or paper proofreading. Ours is a highly specialized service that only uses the best qualified staff to ensure that you always get the best results. We offer you all of the following guarantees on our services:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality; we will share none of your details or your paper
  • Guaranteed on time delivery no matter how tight the deadline
  • Guaranteed error free writing
  • Guaranteed copying free editing and writing
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

So if you have any additional questions or you are still not sure how to edit thesis papers just contact our experts here for the most affordable and reliable help you will find online!